Chelsea Scott didn’t quite know how to answer the questions that her preschool daughters were asking about people who didn’t have enough food, clothes or shelter.

“With my children, it’s a lot of inquisitions,” she said. “It’s just a lot of asking ‘So the children aren’t warm in the winter?’ and ‘Where are their mommy and daddy?’ and ‘Why don’t they have a blanket?’”

She thought those questions could lead to an opportunity to show her children that they could help people. But, then, she ran into another problem.

“There are not a lot of places for preschool-aged children to give back, firsthand,” she said.

So Scott created Denver Mom Cares, a new organization focused on giving the children—no matter how young—the chance to volunteer and give back to their communities.

“It’s a group that’s teaching our children, at a very young age, how to be philanthropic,” Scott said.

The organization is still in its beginning stages. It's working on getting a 501(c) (3) non-profit status. Scott, the group’s president, is working on Denver Mom Cares with fellow preschool mom Meg de Windt, who also has two daughters.

“This is something important to all of us,” said de Windt, who is vice president of Denver Mom Cares.

With about 30 families participating, Denver Mom Cares also organizes fundraising dinners, getting local restaurants to donate a portion of their profits on a particular night to a fund that supports Children’s Hospital.

Money raised through the dinners goes directly to the Children’s Fund. The Children’s Fund supports families with children in the hospital.

“They support the families with the greatest need,” Scott said. “If (a family) has to make a choice between repairing their car or paying for the hospital, Children’s Fund will help support paying for that car.”

The fund also supports research and care for families who may not have insurance.

The preschool volunteers also get a chance to be hands-on with their giving and volunteering.

“We can gather all of our children to knot fleece blankets and have them participate in making them, which is something that preschool aged children can do,” Scott said.

The website for Denver Mom Cares features volunteering opportunities for kids and their families. To learn more, click: or email: