Tyrone Beverly started a nonprofit with the goal of helping people and their self-development.

"What we focus on is social relationships as that is a contributing factor to health and wellness," Beverly said.

He is the executive director of Im'Unique. Beverly has organized yoga sessions in unorthodox places to take on social issues and break down barriers. He believes yoga is more than just striking certain poses. It's a way to live life non-violently, he says.

"The way that you respond to the world that you live in is important. The way that you speak is important. The way that you treat your own body is important," Beverly said. "That's where we feel like we can make a difference."

He is organizing an event called Wellness Fest. The public is invited to this free and open event at Sports Authority Field at Mile High where Beverly will host a yoga session on the field before engaging in a dialog about police and race relations.

"First, we're going to open up the heart with the Asana and then we open up the mind with conversation," Beverly said. "I think it's past due."

This the fourth year of this event. Beverly says it is making a difference.

"When we talk about changing systems, it's a bigger problem. But, when we talk about changing the individual, you can definitely make an impact because you expose them to new ways to express themselves," Beverly said. "When you focus on becoming a better person, that can change your overall life."

Beverly says in past events, people who hated police and people who hated the protesters have attended a yoga session and dialog.

"By the end of the that experience, they were shaking hands. They were taking pictures together," Beverly said.

If you want to attend, the event is free, but participants are asked to sign up beforehand online. You can do so by clicking here: http://wellnessfest.co/

Beverly has once again invited police and community members upset with police.

"We can't change all these systems out in the world, but we can change and give people the tools to change themselves," Beverly said.