GOLDEN - Free Horizon Montessori, a Jefferson County charter school in Golden, will produce most of its own energy with a new solar array and live dashboard.

The 171-kilowatt array will produce 90 percent of the school's electricity. It will also be used to teach students and community about the benefits of alternative energy. The live dashboard is used to track energy generation, offsets and other data, which will be integrated into classroom lessons.

The array was installed during summer break of 2015 and went online in October. It was dedicated at a ceremony Tuesday morning.

Free Horizon Montessori facilitated the array through a partnership with Namaste Solar, located in Boulder, and a Power Purchase Agreement arrangement with Wiser Capital, a California company that owns the array. The school serves as its host site.

Free Horizon Montessori purchases power back from Wiser Capital at a fixed cost, which is projected to save the school nearly $500,000 over the span of the agreement. This is compared to standard Xcel rates.

View the live dashboard's data here:

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