A high school teacher at Dakota Ridge in Jefferson County, is apologizing for an angry incident caught on camera, where he appears to throw a chair toward a student.

The district's legal team is now investigating and law enforcement may do the same.

The teacher sent us a statement saying what he did was, "horrible and shameful...and his worst moment."

We are not identifying him because he has not been charged with a crime.

The video, distributed on social media, starts with someone yelling to "sit down - right now".

It then shows what appears to be the teacher throwing a chair across the room toward students.

We were not successful in talking with the teacher face to face. He did send us a statement saying, "I hope people understand that this incident is isolated, and that I care about the safety and well-being of my students."

The teacher did not say what led to the incident but says he deeply regrets that it happened.

A spokesperson for the district says no one was hurt but admits what was in the video was the wrong way to handle the situation.

“Obviously, it was directed at some student's behavior but it really doesn't matter we have training for all of our teachers and how to deal with our students and this is not acceptable,” said Diana Wilson, spokesperson for Jefferson County Public Schools.

Meanwhile, a student who says she took a class with this teacher said it's out of character for him to do something like this.

“He was very nice guy, a very chill guy and always the kind of man you could talk to if you had a problem or need help with something. So when I saw the video I was quite surprised to see something like that," said Madison Smith, a junior at Dakota Ridge High School.

Wilson says the incident happened on Wednesday but it was brought to their attention since then. Letters went home to parents of students in the class today, explaining what happened.

The district has not decided on punishment, but the spokesperson tells me the teacher will be back in the building tomorrow, and the principal has asked the him to apologize to the class.

Here is the full statement from the teacher:.

I was the man in the video throwing the chair. It is an understatement to say it was a horrible, shameful moment--my worst. I regret it deeply. I am working with the school administration to move forward and work toward a solution which does justice to my profession and the myriad responsibilities it entails. I hope people understand that this incident is isolated and that I care about the safety and wellbeing of all of my students.