If you’ve been scouring the polls for a clue about what to expect come Tuesday evening’s presidential election, perhaps you shouldn’t look farther than this elementary school mock election.

That’s because the kids at Benjamin Franklin Elementary School in New York City have correctly predicted who would be president since 1968, when Richard Nixon was elected.

"Our whole staff is a little nervous," Principal Patricia Moore told NBC New York. "We are a good predictor [of who will win the presidential election]."

ORIGINAL STORY: Westchester Elementary School students correctly predict every president since Nixon

School officials say the day isn’t about who wins or loses: it’s about teaching kids about one of the most important things they’ll ever do.

"We have been trying to stay away from the candidates and really talk to them about the process of what's happening and preparing them for their roles as voters as well," teacher Danielle Stiehl said.

For what it’s worth, Hillary Clinton won Benjamin Franklin Elementary School’s popular vote at 52 percent.

We’ll find out on Tuesday night if they got it right.