KUSA- As a mom, Eva Fry knows what it’s like to spend hundreds of dollars on school supplies. As a bargain-hunting blogger, she also knows what it’s like to save money on those school supplies.

With Denver Public Schools students returning to class on Monday, Fry offers some tips to save money at the last minute.

It starts with one harsh reality: don’t take the kids shopping with you.

“Leave the young kids at home so you can get the shopping done quickly with no interruptions,” said Fry.

She warns against waiting until you get to stores to see the prices.

“Driving around to cherry pick penny deals will be difficult at the last minute, so compare prices before you shop and decide the best single store for all your supplies and shop early in the morning or late at night to beat the crowds,” she said.

Fry operates the website, uGrocery.com. The site price-compares items to see which stores have the lowest overall prices on things like school supply lists.

Fry compiled a list of dozens of commonly-requested items on school supply lists (think: Elmer’s Glue, composition notebooks, index cards, Crayola Crayons, EXPO Dry Erase Markers, scissors, etc). She compared the total prices between King Soopers, Walmart, Target, Staples and Amazon.

In Fry’s comparison, King Soopers had the lowest overall price, at $39.42. Amazon had the highest total price on all of the same items, at $84.94.

To see the list, including the prices of all of the items at each store, click here.