Move-in week at CU Boulder is organized chaos every year.

The more than 6,000 freshmen began unloading their belongings Tuesday and will continue until Thursday. For the parents, it can be an emotional day.

“She’s my last, this is it, we’re really empty nesters,” said Kirsten Friedman, a Colorado Springs mom.

Her daughter, Julia, is a freshman biochemical engineer major moving into Andrews Hall.

“She told me what room I’m in and I already forgot,” said Julia to her mom.

For questions like these, there were dozens of students who have lived in Andrews Hall before. Their goal of the day was to unload everyone’s car without the parents or students moving a hand- and they did it in record time.

“This is a hall of engineers and we care about efficiency,” said Scot Douglass, the Faculty Director of the Engineering Honors Program.

Last year, they averaged two minutes and 12 seconds for unloading cars, and they’re trying to beat that.

“I haven’t seen any chaos,” said Julia Friedman.

“Just me,” laughed her mom.