A Ft. Collins middle school is tacking the world electricity issue, one 3D printed LED lantern at a time. According to World Bank, the international financial institution that provides loans to developing countries for capital programs, one in seven people live without electricity, which translates to 1.2 billion people.

Engineering Brightness is a STEM education program encouraging students to learn engineering, design and technical skills while also proving solutions to this global problem. Preston Middle School in Ft. Collins has partnered with Engineering Brightness and has sent over 50 lanterns to kids across the globe at orphanages, schools and homes where electricity is not a reliable utility.

The middle school students drive the process, from start to finish, designing, building and improving the lanterns based on feedback from the kids and families that use the lights. Skype conversations between some of the lantern recipients and the Preston Middle School students have taken place and this seems to have strengthened the connection. The students talked excitedly about how a class in Uganda performed a song and dance routine as a thank you to the Ft. Collins group.

The program is extra-curricular and time spent building and designing is spent outside the traditional classroom setting.

To learn more about Engineering Brightness, visit their website here: http://p-e.io