There are some unique things going on at Colorado Schools. University of Denver is increasing funding for veteran students as part of what’s called the Yellow Ribbon Program.

Starting next fall the university will have a five thousand dollar match for eligible post 9-eleven GI Bill undergraduate and graduate students.

The Daniels Business school is taking it a step further, offering students unlimited funding – enough to cover tuition and fees.

Brad Rosenwinkel, Executive Director of Graduate Admissions and Academic Services at the Daniels College of Business says “Daniels has offered what we call unlimited funding by the Veteran’s Administration, meaning that we will cover 50% of the remaining balance on top of the GI Bill and then the Veteran’s Administration matches that dollar for dollar. So in essence it’s net zero in terms of tuition costs.”

Rosenwinkel says military veterans make great students.

“We do like to attract military veterans. They’re great leaders, they’re great students in the classroom and outside the classroom.  They contribute a lot from a global perspective and in leadership working in teams and management and helping their classmates.”

Veterans attending Daniels Business School say this is a big deal for both students and the school.

Rob Roybal, is an MBA candidate, and Graduate Assistant in Enrollment Marketing at Daniels College of Business – he’s also a U.S. Navy Veteran.

He’s taken advantage of the program in past years – and says the switch next fall, will be even more beneficial for students and the Daniels College of Business.

“This unlimited portion really helps not only to position Daniels in a place that’s great for veterans, but it puts veterans in a very advantageous position.  It puts them in a position where they know they can come to a place of higher education that’s very quality and it’s going to be at zero cost for them.

“When you’re separating from the military, it’s a very difficult and very confusing process, and Daniels has done a lot to make that very simple for its veterans,” says Roybal.

DU admissions officials say students who are veterans tend to come into school very prepared and mentally focused and ready to take on the task at hand. 

You can find more information about DU's Veteran Services, here.