Did you know the Vatican has its own official astronomer?

It sounds kind of contradictory, but he exists, and his name is Brother Guy Consolmagno.

He spends his time between North America and Rome, and he stopped by Regis Jesuit High School today.

Brother Guy Consolmagno, the Director of the Vatican Observatory, was on campus Thursday talking about science and its convergence with faith.

He held presentations for students in both theology and science classes.

He graduated from MIT and says he was an astronomer before he worked for the Vatican.

He says science is more than just rational, it’s emotional and it’s about appreciating beauty and joy.

“It’s never occurred to me, the hardest thing for me when talking about faith and science is understanding where people are coming from, because you think they’re in conflict, but they’re merging is so obvious to me – why would I do the science if I have the faith in a universe that’s beautiful and by implication a creator who made it beautiful,” said Consolmagno.

Based on the students at Regis Jesuit High school, the presentations were as enjoyable for them as it was for the him.

“I thought it was really good… he was just talking about how science and astronomy can be a way of worshipping God because it’s his creation so that’s a way of getting closer to him.” – Cassandra King
“I thought it was very interesting, it was a new perspective on science and religion because it’s very common to take science and religion as contradictory or opposites and one can’t go with the other, but listening to him speak and the research he’s done was quite impressive.” – Ethan Roderick, Junior
“I really like the way he thinks about science and religion and thought his whole way of speaking was entertaining and I really enjoyed listening to him.” – Amanda Mitchell, Senior
“He’s much more relatable to a fellow nerd and lover of astrology… I thought it was an interesting viewpoint that I don’t get usually.” – Jack Schiavone, Junior

Consolmagno is holding a presentation free of charge in the school’s Steele Center Thursday at 7 PM. The school’s student run media is live streaming the event.