Some high school students had perhaps the most memorable guest speaker they'll ever see in class.

The Super Bowl MVP dropped in on students to recognize a big achievement on Wednesday.

Green Valley Ranch High School was recently named a National Blue Ribbon School by the U.S. Department of Education.

Miller congratulated the students and faculty and talked about how hard work can pay off, then took a little time to highlight the students' success getting the National Blue Ribbon honor.

"That's only achieved through great academic success, so it really shows you what type of work ethic these kids have here and the type of support system they have from the teachers," Miller said.

Of course the students at Green Valley Ranch couldn't let Von leave without asking him to show off some of his dance moves.

Miller said he had a little stage fright, but still had a small dance-off with two students.

He says they all did well, and didn't name a winner.