Looking for a thrill?

Elitch Gardens has you covered!

If you think you've already experienced everything the Denver amusement park has to offer, think again.

The Star Flyer is one of the tallest rides in Colorado.  It allows riders to soar above the Denver skyline.

Hopefully you have a strong stomach because this thing not only takes you up 17 stories but it spins you around at 50mph!

Are you nervous? Wishing you had a guinea pig to try it out first? 9NEWS Mornings has you covered, or at least TaRhonda Thomas does.  

TaRhonda plans to hop on this extreme swing ride Wednesday morning--that is, if she doesn't call in sick.  

While the Star Flyer holds 48 riders, TaRhonda will conquer this all alone, in the open-air seats, feet dangling, hair blowing and ascending to the top of the 17-story tower to give you the best view.

You can watch her live on 9NEWS Mornings on channel 20 around 7:30 a.m. Wednesday.

Good luck, T!