A Loveland couple was recently featured in an episode of the HGTV series House Hunters.

"When we realized we could buy a house I was like yes, I'm definitely doing this," said Dana Kettlewell, a longtime fan House Hunters. "So the next day I actually went and applied to be on the show."

Her husband Bryan was a little less enthusiastic at first.

"If I would have said I was super excited about the whole process before it began I'd be completely lying but after, once the cameras start rolling, it was really fun to be a part of the whole process," Bryan said.

The couple, both music teachers, had recently finished up their Masters Degrees at Colorado State University and were living with family in Boulder while looking for the perfect home in Loveland last fall.

They filmed the episode over several days last September.

"It was so fun, I really loved it. I just love behind the scenes I'm always fascinated with TV and movies and all that," said Dana. "So for me just being there and seeing all the cameras and the lights and producers and being interviewed was kind of surreal and I really loved it."

They even got to include some of their students in the show.

"Both of us are school teachers we got to get our students involved. They came into our classroom and got to film our students doing some basic warm-ups and stuff. That was super cool for them and us as well."

There were some moments that were less than glamorous, like the really long days of filming.

"You have to go through the whole house and each individual room and the camera guy has to get the pictures of all the little rooms and all the little shots he thinks the producers are going to want," said Bryan. "The camera crew even got there an hour before and sometimes was there an hour afterward."

Sometimes things also felt a bit awkward like when they visited Upslope Brewing Company in Boulder.

"The most unnatural part was when we were walking into the brewery and they [the crew] were like say, 'oh you'll get a taster.' Why would I say that? I want a full beer, why would i do that? And I think the other part that was a little strange was just doing the same thing over and over again," said Dana. "Not that we did it wrong to begin with or said something weird, it was just they want it from a slightly different angle. Trying to sound natural when you've said the same sentence 5 times is a little tricky."

Once filming wrapped up they waited several months for their television debut. That long wait wasn't always easy.

"I was so nervous I would actually watch House Hunters episodes and frantically turn them off because I'd get so stressed out , like oh my gosh I did not sound that good," said Dana. "It was really stressful having such a big question mark of having this is going to be on national TV and I don't know how it's going to come."

Finally though their episode aired. On Thursday they gathered some family and friends to watch.

"You see yourself on TV, it finally clicks in that's it's real," said Bryan. "It was a very surreal moment, 'like oh my god I just sang on national television to open a show that was ridiculous. We watched with our friends and most of them are music teachers as well. We got to make fun of our nerdiness and I cant believe you said that and a lot of screaming and I think we all agreed that my dog, she definitely stole the show at the end."