Fidget spinners are the fad that's stayed around as though it were weighed down by an anchor. Although, a test by an advocacy group literally shows heavy metals in one brand of the famous toy.

The Colorado Public Interest Research Group is calling for Target stores here in Denver to remove a certain fidget spinner from its shelves after it tested positive for excessive amounts of lead.

Target said as long as the product is following federal guidelines set by CPSC it can be sold. The Consumer Product Safety Commission is the federal group that makes the decision if a product should be recalled.

9NEWS learned specific regulations depend on the age group that the product is targeting, but CoPIRG says the target age shouldn't matter.

"We tested two fidget spinners and we found out not only did they exceed the limit of lead in toys, but it exceeded the limit by 300 times," says Danny Katz, director of CoPIRG.

Fidget Spinners are a popular item - have been for over a year now - and Katz says the brand that tested positive for lead is dangerous and harmful. He says there are different spinners targeted to different age groups.

“Some that I found said over the age of 3, others said over the age of 6, and some over the 8, and the one we found the label said over the age of 14," he says.

For that reason, The Consumer Product Safety Commission says it's not a toy because its meant for someone over the age of 12 and the lead guidelines for kids don't apply to teenagers or adults.

“They said this specific spinner is not a toy and we are pretty shocked by that,” says Katz.”

There are three things CPCS looks at before determining if a product should be recalled.

“One is what's on the label what does it says, another is how is it being marketed, and another how are parents perceiving [the product],” says Katz.

CPSC says because the target age is on the label, no rules are being broken and, therefore, it can remain on the shelves. Katz says that shouldn't matter with the levels of lead found.

“We think this is a toy and shouldn't have more than 100 parts per million and this has 33,000 parts per million and some outer pieces are in the 20,000s," he says.

Target sent us this statement:

“Target is committed to providing high quality and safe products to our guests, and we closely review all product safety claims that are brought to our attention. The CPSC has specific guidance in place for manufacturers of fidget spinners, which are carried at a variety of retailers.”

Target says they will not take the product off the shelves because no rules are being broken.

CoPIRG says they are not going to stop they are going directly to Target and ask them to remove the items directly and will also reach back out to CPSC and see if they will reconsider.