The biggest cities in Colorado have typically banned the personal use of fireworks. But leaders in Aurora decided to change the city's rules to allow some fireworks in time for the Fourth of July.

Aurora's City Council decided to allow firework stands to set up shop and lift the personal fireworks ban.

"We also thought the ban was overreaching," says Council Member Francoise Bergan.

Now people can buy the ones permitted under state law like sparklers and spinners. Basically fireworks that don't leave the ground, explode, or give off a loud bang.

"Total ban of the fireworks was too confusing for our residents because we border Centennial and unincorporated Arapahoe County," says Bergan. Those are two areas that touch Aurora have similar rules. Denver still has a complete ban.

But new rules or not safety is still top of mind. It's why Aurora Fire and Rescue is asking people to light legal fireworks on cement and asphalt, farther from homes and far from dried vegetation.

"Once those catch on fire it's hard to stop it on their own," says Lt. Tony Krenz with Aurora Fire Rescue.

City Council argues the new rules will allow firefighters and police to focus on those fireworks that are still illegal. The fire chief has the right to reinstate a full ban at any time if the fire danger becomes too great.

So far, the city has approved 13 fireworks stands to sell through the Fourth of July.