She is a Columbine massacre survivor who turned to her best friend from her church youth group, following the shooting in 1999.

And in a rare twist of fate, nearly two decades apart, that same friend was at the Las Vegas concert when the shooter opened fire.

9NEWS reporter Vida Urbonas sat down with Crystal Woodman Miller and Christy Antonio, who are turning to friendship to get them through.

Crystal's story is Columbine High. She was in the library when the shooters came in.

She says those seven-and-a-half minutes felt like an eternity, as she hid under a table with two friends.

Crystal says the shooters were standing above their table when they ran out of ammunition.

They told them they would be back. That's when Crystal and her friends ran out.

It was Christy, her friend from church youth group who was there in the aftermath.

"My emotions ran the gamut for days and weeks and months after,” Crystal said. “She was a rock. It was hard for me to sleep so we'd have a lot of sleepovers where we could laugh. Sometimes words weren't required she just knew if I needed to laugh if I needed to cry. that's the power of a friendship.”

Crystal Woodman Miller and Christy Antonio

As time went on, life happened. Both got married and had kids.

And then one morning recently, Crystal woke up to news about the Las Vegas shooting. Then she got a call from Christy's mom, who told her Christy was at the concert venue that night.

The friend who helped her though the pain after Columbine ran away when the shooting started. She made it home, but she now needed Crystal's help.

"We are walking through so very similar situations,” she said. “Even though they were very different events they are similar in the emotions the dreams just being assaulted by the smells and sounds" Crystal said.

Crystal Woodman Miller and Christy Antonio

Crystal now says she will be there through the pain and the long journey ahead.

"You've been given a second chance at life and second chances don't come around for me I hope I am an example that truly does celebrate life," Crystal said.