Daylight Saving Time is coming to an end this weekend.

That means we all have to remember to change our clocks.

The plus side? We do get an extra hour of sleep. But a lot of people say the trouble just isn't worth it.

We found that out after asking people on the 16th Street Mall if we should turn back the clock.

“I'm gonna say no. It gets dark too fast and it makes me tired,” Chris Schinke said.

We asked folks to mark their responses on our sidewalk big board in our incredibly non-scientific survey.

“I like the extra hour of sleep but I don't know if it’s worthwhile,” Alex Tomlinson said. “I don't know if it does anything for us.”

Some people, though, love changing time.

“Since the sunlight is different like when we wake up and that sort of thing,” Lauren said.

Moving the clock back and forth makes no sense to others.

“All the reasons are false,” Michelle Norton said. “All the reasons for having it don't exist.”

We decided to ask Bob Stencil, who studies stars and time at the University of Denver.

Stencil said there might be a good reason for all the tinkering with time.

“It's really much more moved over to a contractor schedule where they would like to get started as early as possible and an adjustment in time still makes sense,” Stencil said.

That’s especially true for people like Cody Cushman.

“Me and my dad own a construction company,” Cushman said. “When we turn back the clock, it gives us another hour to sleep in.”

12 people said no to turning back the clock, and 7 said yes.

We would have like to asked a few more questions during our impromptu survey, but we ran out of daylight, and time.