It can be a pain to get rid of your old electronics and it's against the law in Colorado to just pitch em in the trash. This weekend you can unload most of them for free during our e-cycle event near Coors Field.

We're working once again with Techno+Rescue in Aurora to collect them.
And here's why some are free to drop off and others will cost you money to hand over.

TVs are one of the most common thing people are going pay for, flat screen or older, because of what's inside like hazardous materials including lead, mercury and cadmium

Employees at Techno+Rescue sort through the old electronics. The ones that are too old are taken apart if it's safe, salvaging circuit boards, even precious metals.

What can you bring? | 9NEWS gearing up for e-cycle event

"As soon as you open a TV or monitor the EPA considers it hazardous material," said the CEO Nidal Allis.

That's why there's a stack of tightly wrapped TVs that will be shipped to a second facility where workers can extract any hazardous gas and re-purpose the lead. Allis said there are only a handful of facilities in the country that properly recycle TVs, which is one of the reasons there is a cost.

"TV and monitors will have a cost because of that. Everything else there is no charge computers, music equipment, servers, even medical equipment," said Allis.

No matter how old there's opportunity with these electronics, according to Allis.

"We have an actual tech department, with some incredible techs, including two engineers," he said.

We met him outside of Coors Field not far from where e-cycle will happen Saturday.

"The hope is to refurbish as much as we can," he said.

That means taking old cell phones and laptops and destroying any personal data and then giving them a second life to be resold. Old electronics can also be dismantled and melted down to be used again for things like concrete and metal.

Here are the details for the 9News' e-cycle event.

It's this Saturday at Coors Field from 7 A-M to noon.

We'll be set up in parking lot "A". Cars will enter near Park Avenue at Wazee Street.

Most items are free to recycle there are fees up to 70 bucks for some items like older TVs..

People can also donate to Metro Denver Crime Stoppers this Saturday.

A portion of the donations will be shared with the Houston Crime Stoppers organization