There's little that's more disappointing than going somewhere exotic with beautiful landscapes, only to be confined to a hotel room because you're too sick to get out of bed. Or worse.

Dr. John Torres gave us these pieces of advice for traveling, especially important if you’re going abroad.

  • Make sure everyone’s vaccinations are up to date.
  • Use sunscreen when outside, SPF 30 or above.
  • If you have kids, watch what they eat. Letting them just eat what they like may mean a later stomach ache.
  • Go visit a dentist before leaving to avoid dealing with a toothache later.
  • You may need travel medicine. Contact your public health department to find out what you may need.
  • Talk to your doctor before leaving as well.

“Rule number one is to have fun,” he said. “But follow it up with rule number two: Stay healthy so you can have that fun.”