A new study shows smartphone breathalyzers may lower the risk for DUIs.

The Colorado Department of Transportation randomly selected 225 people in the Denver area to use mobile breathalyzers for the summer.

Participants had to do three surveys about their drinking habits.

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At the end of the program, 84 percent of participants agreed that owning a smartphone breathalyzers lowered their risk for driving under the influence.

CDOT says participants found the breathalyzer helped them see how easy it is to approach DUI limits after one or two drinks.

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“I have noticed that I am over the legal limit much more than I thought," an unnamed participant said. Even the next day after drinking, I like to test it and have found my BAC to be over .04. Scary! The program has been very eye-opening.”

CDOT says people shouldn't rely on smartphone breathalyzers to be 100 percent accurate, but they've proven to helpful for learning limits.

According to CDOT, in Colorado every year there are more than 26,000 people arrested for DU.I. and over 150 people killed in alcohol-related crashes. That number is one third of all traffic deaths in the state.