Food poisoning is awful. Researchers at CSU are working to help prevent you from getting sick in the first place.

The researchers have come up with what they call a cheap set of handheld tests that can help you tell if your water or food contains food borne pathogens.

These tests could someday be used by people who want to check if food or water is okay to drink. According to researchers, their study targeted a broad class of bacteria, called fecal indicator bacteria, which cause the highest number of food poisoning hospitalizations and deaths.

The CSU researchers created a couple of tests, the first uses paper and works kind of like an at home pregnancy test. The second test is similar to a device that checks glucose levels.

<p>Courtesy: Colorado State University</p>
Courtesy: Colorado State University

The tests can find which bacteria are present, specifically those that cause food poisoning.Researchers say eventually they could develop an app to work alongside with their tests.