Don’t believe everything you hear when it comes to autism.

The Food and Drug Administration is warning about claims of certain so-called cures. The FDA wants to reiterate there is no cure for the neuro-developmental disorder.

Among the pseudo cures? Chelation therapies, hyperbaric oxygen therapy and detoxifying clay baths.
They come in spray form, suppositories, capsules, liquid drops and more.

FDA-approved chelating agents are available by prescription only, but are for the treatment of lead poisoning and iron overlord – not autism.

The National Institutes of Health says children with an autism spectrum disorder have difficulties with social interaction and communication.

They often exhibit repetitive behaviors and have narrow, obsessive interests.

When it comes to medication, some FDA-approved drugs can help with symptoms.

Among them are anti-psychotics and Abilify, which is prescribed to children to treat irritability associated with autism.

These, as the FDA says, are not cures.