April is Autism Awareness Month. One of the most important things to know about autism is there is NO cure for it.

The FDA just released a warning about fake autism cures.

It specifically listed Chelation therapies - which they say can lead to poisoning, hyperbaric oxygen therapy and detoxifying clay baths - which were cleared by the FDA for other medical uses - but NOT as treatments for autism, despite being advertised that way.

They are also nipping various products, like raw camel milk and essential oils, in the bud - saying they are not proven safe or effective.

We spoke with emergency room doctor, Noah Kaufman, about the FDA warning.
He is happy the agency is speaking up about the 'fake cures.'

"All these non-studied treatments that really are a little bit dangerous and have not been shown to help at all," said Dr. Kaufman. "If you're a parent of a child who unfortunately has autism, definitely go see your doctors. There are a lot of ways to deal with autism. A lot of them have to do with getting the kids active, making sure the kids find a passion in life."

Kids who have autism may have difficulty relating to others and communicating, it may be hard for them to interact, and you may notice them making repetitive movements.

Those are just a few symptoms of autism. Symptoms may be different depending on where a child falls on the autism spectrum.

"It's something that you can learn to work with - they can have a great and happy time in this life. We've seen some actually incredible kids who came to American Ninja Warrior and started doing obstacles and it changed their life," said Dr. Kaufman.

Kaufman was a competitor on the popular NBC show.

"Get your kids involved, find them a passion," he said. "If you find a passion for them a lot of times that opens up doors and brings them really back into themselves and that can do a lot of good. A lot better than you know some camel milk," he added jokingly.