When it comes to exercise for skiing this year, add in these four to make sure you're spending more time on the mountain and less time in the lodge.

Side to side hop with reach across

Hop quickly side to side between two cones, touching down to a cone or chair with the opposite hand as you land. For an extra challenge, bring the cones further apart.

Wobble board balance with front to back tilt

Standing on a balance board or BOSU ball, lean front to back on the surface while holding a half squat skiing type position. If using a wobble board be sure to have the board wobbling side to side, not front to back.

Hip shift squat with med ball

As you drop into a squat, instead of going straight back, build a ball or weight in front and drive the hip to the opposite direction. Be sure to keep the back straight and the weight in the heels as your drop down into the squat.

Twisting one legged hop holding ball in front

Keeping your shoulders and arms facing the front, hop on one foot, twisting 15-20 degrees left and right while hopping. Be sure to bend the knee as you land to softly absorb the impact.

Jamie Atlas has trained all levels of skier, from beginner to us mogul team members. If you have any questions about this segment or training with him at his downtown Denver personal training studio you can reach him at Jamie@jamieatlas.com