Check out these tasty (and healthy) recipes for your next football party!

Football season is in full force—fantasy football drafts are complete and the Denver Broncos first home game is this evening.

One of America’s favorite pastimes also marks the start of a fall season filled with parties, tailgates and an increased push of food and beverage advertisements.

You don’t want to avoid these social occasions—time spent with family and friends bonding over your favorite teams and players is important (and fun!).

However, football has a long season, so like any regimen for healthy eating and weight loss or weight maintenance, planning ahead is key.

You don’t have to avoid the parties, but you’ll be able to stay on track by just modifying your strategy a bit.

We often focus on the entrée or the main protein and carbohydrate source when we are snacking and we often forget about the “amenities”, otherwise known as the sauces and dips.

We pour on the sauces over our favorite meats in a mindless manner—as if they don’t count towards our calorie or fat intake.

We don’t think about it, but these sauces and dips can contain a large amount of saturated fat and sugars.

The American Heart Association cautions us to limit our added sugar intake to 6-9 teaspoons per day, or essentially 24-36 grams per day.

There are many unsuspecting sauces and sides that can contain loads of sugar – tomato sauce, BBQ sauce and baked beans.

BBQ sauce, for instance, can often trick us with its tangy flavor but 2 tablespoons of this lovely sauce can contain 14 grams of sugar. It can add up quick, and before you know it, you’ve blown the suggested daily intake in just a couple of BBQ wings.

The key to success is modifying your football watching staples so they have less sugar, less saturated fat and fewer calories, without sacrificing any of the flavor we crave.

The recipes found at are great alternatives for wings, wing sauces, chips and dips you can enjoy at your next party, without the all the guilt.

Go Broncos!