Children's Hospital Colorado got a special surprise on Wednesday - hundreds of pumpkins!

Aurora's police and fire departments created a pumpkin patch for the kiddos in the front lawn of the hospital.

"They come in all shapes and sizes and all colors," Kathleen McBride said, director of the volunteer department. "It really kicks off the holiday season for us – it helps brighten the Halloween activities for the kids."

The kids got to pick out their favorite pumpkins and carve them for the front steps of the hospital.

Layden knew exactly what he was looking for on his pumpkin excursion Wednesday morning.

"Not an overly dented one... kind of smooth,” Layden said. "It will stand up and not be that hard of one to carry."

He said he was going to carve it as a "scary pumpkin."

"I’m going to probably make sharp teeth – I don’t really know yet."