Rabies concerns are spreading from neighborhood to neighborhood in Denver this month.

Four rabid skunks have been found in four different neighborhoods.

The four rabid skunks were found on the 4800 block of Meade Street, the 2400 block of West 26th Avenue, the 1360 block of North Zenobia Street, and the 850 block of North Knox Court.

Jerry Wells spotted the skunk in the back of her house.

“I’m like ‘oh my God she is so tiny, anything that can attack her is a scary situation,’” Wells said. “You just never know it was right in my backyard and there could be more.”

She called a co-worker for help.

“Luckily working here at Planned Pethood, I have some connections to figure out something to do because it's a serious situation,” Wells said.

She then called her roommates since they also have dogs.

“It’s kind of crazy that is something you have to worry about in the city,” Niki Mosier said.

The city says this has happened four times in the past month.

“Now that we're hearing that it's happening in other neighborhoods it's something that can happen again,” Mosier said.

Jeff Baier, a local veterinarian, euthanized the skunk and he says this is not something you should try and handle yourself.

“Rabid skunks may be aggressive they may actually chase you or acting drunk, or in the case with this one just staying in the same place, Baier said.

Another indicator that a skunk is sick?

“Skunks are primarily nocturnal so if you're seeing them in the middle of the day, there is a chance that might be a rabid skunk,” Baier said.

He says a rabid skunk can be harmful to pets and people.

“The virus can be transmitted through a scratch or abrasion on your skin,” Baier said.

Wells says now, she's extra careful.

“Ever since then every time I go out I'm looking around you know to make sure especially with this one,” Wells said.
The city says there have been no reports of animals that have come into contact with those skunks.

Veterinarians say the best thing you can do is just be up to date with your pet vaccinations.

The Denver Animal shelter if offering $15 vaccinations and they will be open tomorrow from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m.