Fraternities and sororities can get a lot of flack from parents and fellow students alike.

But CSU’s chapter of Chi Omega proved why sisterhood matters.

On Wednesday, the chapter spent time ushering in its 77 new pledge sisters, as well as one of its most resilient: 20-year-old Camille Goodale.

Goodale is currently in her third of four rounds of chemo at UCHealth Cancer Center in Fort Collins to battle leukemia. She was diagnosed in April.

“I’m 19. Why am I diagnosed with leukemia?” she asked rhetorically.

Camille is the third member of her family to battle the disease.

“It was very shocking. I thought I was invincible, you know?”

After her initial diagnosis, Camille spent 37 days at University of Colorado Hospital in Aurora. More than half of it was dedicated to chemotherapy. Goodale credits her sorority sisters for giving her the strength to keep pushing.

“About 20 of the girls in my pledge class all piled into my little tiny room,” she said. “One of the girls sat down on the bed when [all the girls] were leaving and she said, ‘I will move mountains for you.’ It really made me feel like I was a part of this community and that I wasn’t going to get forgotten.”

Goodale’s reunion with the rest of her sorority shows there is strength in numbers, as well as an undeniable bond that forms between sisters.

“We are so much more than paying dues,” she emphasized. “Yeah we sing weird door songs and do weird rituals, but I would literally do anything for any one of these girls. They are my people.”

Goodale is currently in remission and hopes to finish her last round of chemo by the end of the semester.