Smoking will be banned along the 16th Street Mall come December 1, Denver City Council announced on Monday.

The measure will ban cigarettes, weed and vaping, but don't expect police to come down hard with tickets; council members and police say this is more of a campaign to make the mall healthier.

They'll ask smokers to move 50 feet off the street if they want to smoke. If they don't listen or give them flack, then they can expect an $100 ticket.

Monday, city council discussed their hopes, despite some claims that this is simply another way to crack down on the homeless.

City council did a study to see just how much smoking was an issue along the mall.

In the span of four hours, they say they saw more than 80 people smoking cigarettes along a five-block stretch. They say four of them were homeless.

As a way to make sure this ban is equal, police will study ticket data to make sure there is a proportionate number of tickets being distributed.