Less than an hour after the Broncos suffered its first loss of the season Sunday, an ambulance took head coach Gary Kubiak to the hospital where doctors diagnosed him with a complex migraine condition.

Kubiak was released from the hospital and returned home Monday afternoon. He will take the week to rest and Special Teams Coordinator Joe De Camillis will be the team's interim head coach when the Broncos take on the San Diego Chargers Thursday night.

Migraines are common. Nearly one in four U.S. households has someone who gets the severe head pain, according to the Migraine Research Foundation.

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Doctors diagnosed Kubiak with the worse-than-average symptoms of a complex migraine after being taken to the hospital from Mile High Stadium Sunday night.

Dr. Randy James with the Denver Headache and Spine Center said the pain can lasts from a few hours to days and can include weakness that mimics a stroke on one side of the body.

"Face drooping, clumsiness, foot-dragging, those kinds of things can also be included in a migraine type issue," he said.

If Kubiak had some stroke-like symptoms, it's no wonder it was taken seriously, especially since he had a mini-stroke on the football field back in 2013 while coaching the Texans.

Migraines don't definitively show up on tests but the Broncos said Kubiak had an MRI and CT scan. Dr. James said the diagnosis sometimes comes from ruling everything else out.

In a statement Kubiak said he's taking the week to rest.

"I'm feeling much better and am thankful for everyone's thoughts and well-wishes. It's tough not being there without team this week, but I've got great confidence in Joe D, our coordinators and coaching staff, and all of our players. Greek and the medical team did an outstanding job taking care of me and getting this figured out. I've made a lot of positive changes health-wise in recent years and will continue to listen to doctors. I'll be at home this week, resting and getting healthy, and I look forward to rejoining our team on Monday."

"If he was just the average person, I'd expect him back to work in a week. Just his back to work is going to be on a football field," said James.