The Kettlebell is a phenomenal tool for full-body training.

When done correctly, we can activate lower body and upper body muscle groups, and train them to work together for complete movement.

This style of training helps maximize muscle activation, strength development, and muscle toning in an efficient manner. More bang for your squat!

Perform this 5 exercise sequence in order, on the same side. No rest between exercises helps the body pattern into the next movement.

Single-Leg Deadlift - bending your knee, hinge down toward the ground using the KB as a counter weight in the opposite hand.

High Pull - from a squat position pull the KB from the ground, elevating onto your toes with your elbow leading the motion, hold at top for 1 sec.

Clean - from squat pull the KB like above, when the KB is at your chest "catch" it on the back your wrist in a soft squat.

Clean & Press - perform the above move and simply stand and press the KB overhead

Snatch - in one motion, pull the KB from the ground above your head. When the KB reaches the apex of the pull, "punch" to the ceiling, catching the KB on your wrist.

60 Second Interval: plank, body saw, plank-up, plank-up shoulder taps.

Repeat above on opposite arm.