Perform this circuit straight through with minimal rest.

Each exercise has its own focus and thus you can flow from one move to the next without diminishing abilities, however, we all have varied fitness levels so include breaks when needed.

*Disclaimer: this is an advanced routine meant to build upon Part 1. Please be mindful of your abilities and be sure to complete Part 1 before moving to this workout.

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1. Single Leg Deadlift to Elevated Knee Torso Rotation: perform 5 repetitions on an uneven surface (a couch cushion or pillow works great), then do 5 quick squats, then 5 repetitions on the opposite leg.

Continue alternating for 1:00.

2. Resistance Band Jump Rope: placing a resistance band around your ankles, and holding a shoulder-width stance, forces your inner and outer thighs to activate.

This increases the body's awareness to outside stress and patterns your muscles to be ready when your stability is tested on the trail. Jump Rope for 1:00.

3. 1-Leg Pistol Squat to Jump Up: use an elevated surface to drop slowly, fighting gravity, to the ground.

Once your non-working leg touches the ground jump up on your elevated leg landing into the next rep. Repeat for 30 seconds on each leg.

4. Weighted Getup to Step-Up: place a weighted object on your back. (We used sandbags, but you can use a weighted backpack, or even your child or pet!)

From a kneeling position, with torso held tall, step to standing position and then up to your elevated surface. Repeat the maneuver back to knees.

Repeat for 1:00.

Repeat this circuit 4-6 times once per week.