The holiday schedule can crush even the most determined fitness nut.

So when it comes to staying consistent with your sweat effort make your workouts simple, flexible, and concise.

Use this 3-Minute-Drill Workout Design to attack your need-to-work areas or create a full-body approach to keep you fit while the in-laws, cousins, and guest dogs tear your house apart...

3-minute drill workout:

1. Choose a workout focus (ex: Upper Body, Lower Body, Core, Full Body).
2. Pick 6 exercises that fit that category (example workouts below)
3. Set your Timer for 3:00 active interval and 1:00 rest interval
4. Perform 3-6 minutes of bodyweight warmup exercises (ex: squats, jumping jacks, light jog, mountain climbers) to get a little sweat happening.
5. Hit go!
6. Perform as many repetitions of the single exercise as possible in the 3:00 interval. Take rests as needed but challenge yourself to do as many as possible in that interval.
7. Rest 1:00
8. Continue on to the next exercise. Repeat for your 6 exercises.
9. Total workout time: 29 Minutes
10. Design a new workout for tomorrow and repeat!

Turkey Fryer inferno @ e3 Fitness

For 7 years we have been hosting a free workout at e3 Fitness with the Denver Community our focus. Participants bring a frozen turkey for admission (and for use!). We use the frozen birds as our workout buddy (points to those who bring in birds over 20 lbs!). At the end of the full-body, kitchen sink workout, we donate all turkeys to the Denver Rescue Mission. In 6 years we have donated over 1500 Turkeys to the DRM! Our goal is to hit 300 turkeys this year!

Turkey Fryer Workouts at 6 AM 9 AM and 12 PM.