KUSA - Colorado weather in winter brings snow, and with that snow comes the myriad of activities and pastimes that make Colorado one of the fittest states in the country.

This week we take a look at snowshoeing, an activity that is great exercise but also one that requires little to no learning curve.

Exercise 1: Step back lunges

This exercise is a great leg strength builder and gives the ideal flexibility for snowshoeing. Be sure to keep weight on the heel of the front leg and also keep that heel planted on the ground as you step back into the lunge.

Exercise 2: Step up variations

Stepping in snow means you need to be able to sometimes step long, sometimes short. 

Starting from up high on a step, drop a leg back down, bring sure to land close to the step.return back up to the step so both feet are on the step. Then drop the same leg back again, but this time drop back a little farther away from the step.

Exercise 3: One leg side to side hop

Keeping your knee soft, hop side to side on one foot for 20-30 seconds.  This will help build calf strength but also agility and balance, important commitments I components that help make up a positive snowshoeing experience.

Jamie Atlas was voted four times as the 5280 top of the town best personal trainer - if you have any questions about personal training or would like to reach him you can do so at jamie@jamieatlas.com

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