These workouts are designed to activate the rotator cuff while mobilizing tight muscles and connective tissues

Band pull-aparts are one of the best exercises for improving posture. They also get the scapula working in unison with the humerus. This movement also works the rear delts.

How to: Band Pull-Aparts 3x20

  • Stand tall with your abs tight, keeping the back flat.
  • Hold a band at arm's length straight out with your palms down and hands shoulder-width apart.
  • Slowly pull both hands away from each other stretch the band.
  • Be sure to pinch your shoulder blades together.

How to: Shoulder Dislocator 3x20

  • Do this movement by holding a resistance band in both hands in front of your body wider than shoulder width apart.
  • As you're stretching the band apart and way from your body rotate your arm backward behind you.
  • Hold this for a few breath then return the arm to the front.

How to: Face Pull with External Rotation 3x20

  • Take a split stance with your abs tight. Hold a band at face level with your palms down.
  • Pull the band to your face, while keeping your hands above your elbows.
  • Externally rotate as if making a front double bicep pose. Slowly lower arms toward the floor.

This works the external rotators. This is exactly the movement baseball players get into when pitching.