In keeping with the theme of a total body workout that requires ZERO equipment.

1. Squat holds x 3 reps per set, holding each for 10 seconds
a. With the feet roughly shoulder width apart, sit back into a squat (depth is relative to one’s mobility and stability)
b. In the bottom position, push into the ground as hard as you can
c. Maintain a flat back and keep your core engaged
d. Note: you’re pushing hard via the legs and you’re keeping your abs tight, make sure you aren’t holding your breath
e. After 10 seconds come back up to the tall position for just a moment and then drop down for your next rep
2. Elbow taps x 6 per arm
a. Set up in the top of a push-up or a high plank position
i. Hands under the shoulder, abs/quads/glutes all tight
b. Bring your hands close together, almost touching. Separate your feet for a wider base of support
c. Keeping one hand on the floor, bring the opposite hand over to tap the opposite elbow
d. Keep pressure through the down and as well as the opposite foot
Rest: match the total time worked so work to rest becomes a 1:1 ratio
X 4-5 rounds

3. Glute march with alternating knee punch x 6 per leg
a. Start on your back with your knees bent, feet close together – almost toughing, abs braced, and feet dorsiflexed (pull your toes up towards your shins)
b. Pressing through your heels, come up to an extended hip position
c. Hold the hips up as you hinge from one side, going into a knee punch moving slow and deliberate. Bring the foot back down and repeat on the other leg
d. Bring the hips back down to reset, and repeat
4. Alternating bird dogs x 6 per side
a. Starting down on all fours (hands under the shoulders, knees under the hips, feet dorsiflexed)
b. Reach out with one arm while simultaneously kicking back with the opposite leg. The extended arm and leg shoulder be parallel to the floor
c. Keep pressure through the down hand while squeezing the quads and glute of the extended leg (the helps to avoid ‘dipping’ the low back, which can cause low back pain)
d. Reset the hand and knee back to the floor and repeat on the other side
Rest: match the total time worked so work to rest becomes a 1:1 ratio
X 4-5 rounds