Planning on hitting the slopes this winter? Whether you’re a skier or snowboarder, it’s time to get prepared with some exercises geared towards ski conditioning.

The following two exercises pairing are designed to help you get ready!

1a. Slide board back-step lunge x8 reps per leg

• Standing on top of the slide board, place one foot on a towel
• Loading the opposite foot more, start to lower yourself down into a lunge by sliding the foot that’s on the towel back
• It’s important to keep your abs braced and your shoulders back. Also, lower yourself under control and keep the lead foot flat to ensure safety of the foot, ankle, knee, and hip
• Once you’re reach the bottom of the lunge, press hard through the lead foot to come back up. Repeat this exercise on both sides before moving on to exercise 1b.
• NOTE: If your gym doesn’t have a slide board or you want to do this at home, you can use devises like the Valslide, or grab some furniture sliders to get the same effect.
1b. Slide board push-up knee tuck x10 reps
• Going right into the next exercise, transition into a push up with both feet now on the towel
• Holding the high plank position and keeping your weight heavy through your hands, slowly tuck your knees towards your chest without allowing for excessive hip hike
• Slide your feet back into your start position but be careful you don’t let your low back dip at end range
• NOTE: As with exercise 1a. you can use Valslides or furniture movers to perform the above listed exercise.
Rest for 45 seconds and repeat for a total of 4 rounds

It’s time for the next pairing!

2a. Squat push lateral x6 reps per leg

• Starting in a half squat position – feet flat, knees and hips bent, torso with a slight forward angle, abs braced
• Lift your right foot while simultaneously loading your left foot
• Push off of the left foot (specifically with a bias towards the inside edge of the left foot) to cover some height as well as distance
• Carefully load onto your right foot as you catch yourself in a single leg squat position and then bring the left foot down to reset your positioning
2b. Plank step ups x3 leading each hand
• Begin in a low plank position – down on your forearms. Forearms parallel, elbows under your shoulders, feet a little wider than usual in a plank for base of support, abs/quads/glutes all engaged to ensure pelvic position is set and to keep the low back safe.
• Stepping up with your right hand, place your right palm where your right elbow was at just a moment ago
• Pressing yourself up, add in the left palm being placed where the left elbow was just a moment ago
• This should be performed without shifting your hips side to side, or rotating your hips
• Repeat this process in reverse order to find yourself back down in the low plank position

Rest for 45 seconds and then repeat for a total of 4 rounds

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