The pull movement is another important exercise for a well-shaped upper body and is also helpful with maintaining a tall, confident posture.

Jamie Atlas recommends doing a pull movement twice as much as you do your push movements.

In the gym: Seated Row

Be tall in the seat and pull toward you as you breathe in, drawing your shoulder blades back as you pull (and not up towards your earlobes). With this movement try not to rock and keep your low back tall and stiff as you go through the movement.

At home: TRX/sheet pull

The seated row machine is an important exercise to master in the gym, but with an affordable suspension exercise tool such as a TRX or any similar brand strap setup, you can get a great pull workout in.

Remember to have the hook looped over the top of the door that cannot open towards you (can only open away from you). Pull down to test your anchor point and make sure it's sturdy and safe before you start.

Nutrition Tip:

Hydration is something we all recognize as being important, but rarely do we get enough water.

To add low calorie but high flavor (along with a few essential minerals and nutrients like silica and potassium), simply add some cucumber, mint or lemon to your water for a flavor that is refreshing and also makes you want to get your eight glasses or more a day!