To finish the week, this total body metabolic blasting movement is a great exercise to master no matter what you're working on.

By working the legs, core and upper body at once, you elevate the heartrate and activate deep stabilizing muscles essential for success in all the other lifts we've covered this week.

In short, adding some total body exercises to your workout will have a beneficial result on all your exercises.

In the gym: Lunge with cable pull

The most important part of this exercise is to pull as you rise from the ground. Keep your torso tall throughout the whole movement and make sure you're bringing the heel of the palm into the side of the ribs as you pull.

At home: Bent over row with lunge combo

The at home version of this movement requires a small amount of creativity but no loss in results. Because you're bending over slightly throughout the whole movement be sure to keep your back straight and tilt at the hips the whole time. Keep your chin up as you drop into the lunge and breathe throughout the whole movement.

Nutrition tip:

Next time you're at a restaurant or eating a salad that you love, break down the ingredients into dry, medium and wet. You'll find that you can make your own salad, layering it into a mason jar with the non-absorbent ingredients (whole baby tomato, fruit slices or sliced almonds) with the dressing at the bottom and then the base of the salad (spinach, lettuce, arugula) layered on the top so it stays dry. When you're ready to serve just shake up the mason jar and pour it out for a delicious and nutritious lunch!