July 4th, 2017 marks 241 years since America declared it’s independence from Great Britain. Amid the delicious barbecue, cool shade and relaxing swimming, our Steve Staeger offered folks celebrating the holiday in Denver’s Mestizo-Curtis Park the opportunity to sign a birthday card for their country.

Army Veteran Leon Williams wanted to say, “Thanks to all my brothers and sisters that are serving today, and I would like to thank America for the freedom we hold so dear to our hearts.”

A woman who lives on the streets is thankful to call America her home, “because people still help you in society no matter what,” she says. “I mean just waking up being out here another day is a blessing to me.”

Rocq Akram believes America is getting better with age. “We’re getting closer and closer to where America was meant to be,” says Rocq, “and even though we’re having struggles, this is what it’s about. Keep pushing. Keep growing.”

Your birthday card to America, shot by photojournalist Mike Grady, in the video above.