Hundreds of people joined the family of a little girl in Castle Rock Saturday afternoon for a final good-bye for Rylie Guentensberger.

Young Rylie was shopping at a running store with her mom in April when a car slammed into the building. She was critically hurt - and hung on for weeks - until she passed away about a month ago.

Many people at the event got up on stage and said kinds words about Rylie.

"We will miss Rylie a ton, but I will never forget the way she made me feel every time I would see her," said one memorial-goer.

She was just a kid, but in her short time on this earth Rylie touched a lot of people.

"Our hearts are heavy, but our hearts are full," said another attendee.

Family, friends and even strangers all remembered Rylie at the Phillip S. Miller Park. They shared the impact Rylie had on them.

"You're having a tough day and I'd be somewhere and I'd come back to my desk and there would be a posted note and it would be RG and say hang in there," said another attendee. "You see, she's taking care of the adults."

People wanted to repay Rylie for the encouragement she passed out freely - and throughout the celebration of her life it was evident that repayment was growing from rock - to brick - and even to sidewalks filled with kinds words.

Her classmates even wrote a special song for her.

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Ziggy Guetensberger, Rylie's father, shared some of the things he admired most about his daughter.

"I never had to tell her to get up or suck it up or move on - she did that on her own," he said.

Hundreds came to show support and give the grieving family their love. Her parents said it's moments like the ones at the park on Saturday that help them begin to move forward.

"She's touched a lot of lives and it's made us stronger in knowing the amount of people that she's touched," Ziggy said.

Although many people's hearts were heavy it was a celebration of Rylie at the park on Saturday in Castle Rock. One of the things she loved most was just blowing bubbles, so at the end of the event, everyone blew bubbles for Rylie.