Voters across the county have encountered delays thanks to a connectivity problem with the voting machines, according to the Colorado Secretary of State’s office. 9Wants to Know is checking on problems with voting across the state using the #VerifyVotes hashtag.

“We have had some problems in Boulder County,” Secretary of State Wayne Williams said Tuesday.

“Some are back up and working,” Williams said. Others, he said, will have to cast a provisional ballot.

In Arapahoe County there have been complaints about delays because of a ballot printer that went down temporarily. That printer is back up and running, according to Williams, but there could be delays when poll workers change the paper.

The other problem 9Wants to Know has heard about are signature problems.

A bi-partisan team of judges look at the signature that is on the mail-in ballot and compare it to the signature they have with a voter’s registration. If the team does not agree that it matches, the voter is notified that they need to prove it is correct.

“Most of these problems come with what we call the household swap provision,” Williams said.

That is when a husband and wife vote at the same time, but mix up their envelopes. The bar code on your ballot’s envelope matches your signature in their system. If the signatures do not match then that prompts a notification to the voter.

Williams said he once had to deny his own daughter’s signature because it didn’t match the one on file.