The husband of the Colorado State Trooper killed by a drunk driver in November 2015 while she was directing traffic on Interstate 25 near Castle Rock is suing the driver and the bar that served him alcohol, 9Wants To Know has learned.

In a wrongful death lawsuit filed in Douglas County District Court last month, the attorney for Didzis Jursevics, his young daughter and Trooper Jaimie Jursevics’ estate is seeking unspecified damages from driver Eric Henderson and Brooklyn’s at Invesco.

The suit alleges Henderson, who is from Payton, Colorado, broke a number of laws resulting in Jursevics’ death and that Brooklyn’s served a visibly drunk man. It’s unlawful to sell, serve or give alcohol to a visibly intoxicated person.

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“We are honored to seek justice for Jaimie’s husband and daughter, who continue to fight for Jaimie as a wife, mother, and law enforcement officer who dedicated herself to the safety of the community and the State of Colorado,” Jursevics’ attorney Chris Hoffman said. “We hope this lawsuit will not only result in accountability, but also act as a reminder to everyone that drinking and driving has no place in our community and can have devastating consequences that change lives forever.”

According to court records, Henderson, a decorated Army Colonel, drank before, during and after a Broncos game on Nov. 15, 2015.

In June 2016, he pleaded guilty vehicular homicide and tampering with the evidence. He’s serving an eight-year prison sentence.

Henderson’s first of three blood tests showed a 0.150 BAC -- three times the level at which a driver is considered impaired and nearly twice the level at which a driver is considered intoxicated.

According to the civil lawsuit, Henderson’s friend brought a cooler with 20 or more beers, one water and two Pepsis with them to the game. Henderson drank before and during the game, wrapping up the night at Brooklyn’s, which is located near the football stadium.

The lawsuit says Henderson was “visibly intoxicated and displayed body language, behavior and speech consistent with significant alcohol intoxication. While at Brooklyn’s, Defendant Henderson was willfully and knowingly sold or served alcoholic beverages by Brooklyn’s employees while he was visibly intoxicated.”

Henderson left the bar and drove home on I-25. Court records say several drivers reported him to CSP, saying he was weaving and suspected he was drunk.

While Henderson was coming down I-25 after 8 p.m., the criminal and civil complaint says Trooper Jursevics was on the highway assisting another trooper with a crash.

Dispatch gave her the cell number for one driver following Henderson. Jursevics was on the phone with him while she was on the highway trying to direct Henderson to stop with her flashlight. One car prior to Henderson saw Jursevics, her flashlight and her lit-up patrol car and stopped. Henderson didn’t. He ran over Trooper Jursevics, drove around her body and left the scene, later trying to cover up the fact he was drinking, according to court records and court testimony.

In his District Court filing in the civil case, attorney for Jursevics says Henderson failed to “exercise reasonable care” in operating his car, drinking and driving, failing to obey Trooper Jursevics’ signals to pull over and stop.
9Wants To Know reached out to Brooklyn’s. They said they can’t make a comment at this time.