9Wants to Know investigators were the first to expose federal, state and local investigations in Kimball's involvement in the 2003 and 2004 disappearances of four people from the metro area.

Kimball was sentenced to 70 years in prison after pleading guilty to two counts of second-degree murder on Oct. 8 covering the deaths of Kaysi McLeod, LeAnn Emry, Jennifer Marcum and Terry Kimball.

Count one covered Terry Kimball's death. Count two covered the three other victims.

According to the Colorado Department of Corrections website, Kimball's estimated release date is in 2079. However, he could be eligible for parole in 2056. Kimball would be 90 at that time.

Kimball, who used to work as an FBI informant, denied taking part in the murders when he gave a jailhouse interview in Aug. 2008 to 9Wants to Know Investigator Jace Larson.

"He's no longer disputing his own guilt, but still insists that others were involved in some capacity and the FBI enabled him," Ed Coet, Kimball's spokesman, told 9Wants to Know Wednesday.

Kimball has refused to name other people involved.

The FBI tells 9Wants to Know it has no information to suggest anyone other than Scott Kimball killed the four people.

McLeod's remains were recovered in a remote area of Jackson County in June 2008.

The remains of Emry were found in the Book Cliffs of southeastern Utah on March 11.

Remains thought to be those of Terry Kimball were found near Vail Pass in June. The remains of Jennifer Marcum have not been found.