When it comes to school zone safety, the responsibility to be aware belongs to both drivers and pedestrian students.

As kids head back to class, here are a few easy reminders to keep in mind as you drive near schools:

- Students walking to school, using crosswalks and exiting buses should always assume that the drivers around them are unaware of their presence.

This forces people on foot to wait until an absolute safe time to cross the street.

- Drivers should assume pedestrians are present within every school zone they encounter.

Even if no kids are in the area, drivers should slow to the posted limit, abide by rules of any busses present and be on the lookout for crossing guards.

- Parents often park and wait for kids to leave school, so as a driver or a pedestrian, be on the lookout for cars pulling out of street and lot parking unexpectedly, even if you didn't see someone get inside the vehicle.

- When it comes to busses, flashing lights and signs are used to ensure that kids are able to exit the road area safely and efficiently.

Abide by these procedures and be hyper aware of your surroundings.

- A school zone is no place for distracted driving.

Placing your phone in a glove box or turning it to non-alert mode can help with the temptation to quickly check a text or a tweet while you drive.

No bit of information is as important as someone's life.