Sometimes we forget the importance of things – like having reliable transportation.

One organization is aiming to make sure women in need have just that.

Hands of the Carpenter is an organization dedicated to making sure women who are need of transportation get it at affordable price.

One woman recently received a car, and she told 9NEWS that without the help of the organization she would not be able to get to work, school, or get her daughter to daycare.

Someone driving down Golden Road in Golden, Colorado may pass Hands Automotive and think it’s just an ordinary car dealership. But if you look closely, you can tell they are doing more than selling cars.

“Our hope is every vehicle we get we can repair and get out,” Hands of the Carpenter founder and CEO Dan Geogopalus, said. “We do different things, but all of it is laser focused on helping women overcome that vehicle obstacle.”

Hands of the Carpenter 

Not having a car is something Danyelle Gilbert has struggled with for some time.

She is a nursing student and mother, and says getting from place to place with her daughter has been a challenge.

“I literally had to put myself and my daughter in a position to where the things that we needed were in places I could get to conveniently,” Gilbert said.

Hands of the Carpenter changed that.

“The vehicle that Danyelle received today was donated by a woman with the heart to help other women,” Geogopalus said. “The whole reason we are here is to help these women, so every time we are able to place a vehicle or repair a vehicle it's just a great thing for us.

Now, Gilbert is looking to the future and not concerned about how she's going to get there.

Danyelle Gilbert in her new car.

“I'm at a loss for words,” Gilbert said. “It feels like soon enough I'm going to be on the road driving, having my own transportation and not having to worry about bus schedules and bus times.”

Hands of the Carpenter opened in 2003, and in that time over 2,000 women have received help with either getting their car repaired or getting a donated car.

Geogopalus is grateful for the community support. He eventually hopes to have his organization open on weekday and weekend evenings, with more mechanics volunteering their time to help those in need.