A mother and daughter were taken to the hospital after a car plowed through the front door of an Aurora salon.

It happened on Sunday afternoon at the Beauty Brands near Chambers and Parker.

The crash happened around 2:30 p.m., according to police. The car came through the parking lot and crashed into the front of the store, taking out part of the checkout counter and leaving tire marks on the wood floor.

9NEWS spoke to the McCurdy family -- mom Laura and daughter Jordan -- who were at the counter when the car came through.

Both ran to get out the way. Laura fell and hurt her knee, and both women had cuts on their feet from broken glass.

Laura is thankful she and her daughter weren't badly hurt. She says she forgives and feels for the driver, whom she saw after the crash.

"I had heard something about the brakes going out in her car and she had kids with her and I just...tough," Laura said. "I saw that horror in her eyes and her children were frightened. And as a mom, that just hit home."

A crew worked throughout the afternoon and night at Beauty Brands to board up the shop.

It's unclear at the time of this writing if anyone will be cited or if anyone in the car was hurt.