September 2013 is a month synonymous with the flooding across Colorado.

Thousands of people were impacted by the raging rainfall and flood waters.

For some of us, it seems like time has flown by over the past three years. For others, it’s been a long and trying time.

About 70 families in Lyons were displaced after the flood and many more across our state lost their homes too.

Many families are still living in mobile homes and temporary housing.

But on Thursday afternoon, one family will finally have the chance to go home.

Dave and Cat Wecshler and their two sons will move into a reconstructed home that was built by their community.

A local construction company and Volunteers collected $300,000 in donated materials and equipment to make this happen.

All the workers donated their time, too.

The Wecshler home was torn apart during the flood.

It was submerged in three feet of water and part of the foundation was destroyed.

For the past three years, they've been living in a trailer and in the father's workshop.

Workers had to build a new foundation, elevate the house, construct new walls, replacing the roof, all the flooring and the deck.