First responders in Grand County got a call over the weekend that they'll be talking about for a while.

On the other end -- a 78-year-old driver who survived a 400 foot tumble off Berthoud Pass.

The crash happened Saturday evening near a large turnout area on the pass above one of the switchbacks. The driver's SUV went over the edge and stopped in trees and rocks below.

If he hadn't been able to get a signal, no one may have known he was even there. The SUV could not be seen from the road and no one saw the wreck happen.

A state trooper climbed down the hillside and worked with paramedics above to pull the driver back up to the pass. It took about four hours from that first call before the rescue was complete.

The driver was flown to a hospital along the Front Range with what are described as serious injuries.

While those first responders were down there on that rescue, they found another vehicle that had gone over the edge in the same spot.

There was no sign of the driver and no indication how long that vehicle had been down there.