A $1.9 million update to Denver Water's South Boulder Creek Diversion Dam is underway.

The project aims to make the dam easier to operate, provide a reliable source of power and protect against corrosion, according to Denver Water.

The dam, built in 1937, is located in the hills of Eldorado Canyon southwest of Boulder. It's part of the delivery system that brings water to the Front Range. The dam is used to channel water that eventually fills Ralston Reservoir near Golden.

“Designing the project presented its own challenges,” says Denver Water project engineer David Hughes, in statement on Denver Water's website. “We had to review construction documents from the 1930s and figure out how to upgrade the gates in the dam with modern technology and parts.”

The complex project began in October and is scheduled to be completed in April 2018.

“The dam has held up remarkably well,” says Wes Eversole, Denver Water’s South Boulder district manager. “We’re doing preventative maintenance to make sure it runs smoothly for another 80 years.”

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You can learn more about the South Boulder Creek Diversion Dam upgrade project on the Denver Water YouTube page and at denverwaterTAP.org.